Children in Day-Nurseries

KrippenkinderYour personal life plan determines when to first enter your child into the day-care centre. Many children come to us at the age of two or three years, but also the very young ones, who are only a few months or one year old, are welcome and find care and security at the day-care centre.

From an early age on, children seek contact to other children. Right from the start, they are curious – for people, for things, for anything the world around them has to offer. We greatly emphasize providing the little ones with a cozy, sheltered and stimulating surrounding. Whether it is in the day-nursery excercise room, in the small day-nursery garden, in the studio or at play with other girls and boys – a day at the day-nursery is colourful and varied. And in between, there is enough time to relax, cuddle, learn, and find new friends. Parents are surprised how quickly their little ones start enjoying the life at the day-care centre and, through a mix of stimuli and relaxation, develop into adventurous children.

Children need the feeling of security. They get this security mainly from their parents. When your child first comes to us at the day-care centre, you should stay for some time, if possible – until the child has established a secure, trusting relationship to its teacher. Our film “Key Situations at Day-Nurseries” ("Schlüsselsituationen im Krippenbereich") portrays this gentle adaption process.  

The teachers at our day-care centres are experts in all issues relating to the gentle start and the well-being of the children at the day-care centre. They are available for a personal consultation and are happy to show you round the day-care centre – without any commitment on your end. 

Schlüsselsituationen im Krippenbereich

Unser Film ‚Schlüsselsituationen im Krippenbereich’ zeigt Ihnen, wie behutsam und im Beisein ihrer Mütter die Kleinkinder in unseren Krippen eingewöhnt werden.